Saturday, July 10, 2010

ORBIS Pull For Sight 2010 - Toronto

Toronto FedEX Terminal July 10th. 2010

On Saturday, July 10th 2010, Team WWSC - made up of CIBC employees, as well as their families and friends - helped ORBIS Canada to raise over $4,300.00 by pulling a B727 at the FedEx Terminal near Pearson International airport. There were more than 400 spectators including local media CP24 and Mississauga News. Each of the 26 teams of 20 members took turns pulling a FedEx 73-tonne Boeing 727 a distance of 4 meters with a pilot onboard.

The WWSC team, led by David K Cheung from Internal Audit and Raymond Chan from Retail Markets, finished with a time of 8.377 seconds!

The mood was fun and light-hearted as Fernando Ruiz from the Chief Accountant’s Division wore a wrestler’s mask during the event at the request of his nephew and niece. According to Santosh Pisharody from Internal Audit, pulling the cargo plane was an experience he will never forget. “I definitely enjoyed this and my father-in-law is here videotaping the pull, so I’ll have proof to show my kids.” said Santosh.

ORBIS Canada raised more than $35,000 in the event which is offered at different cities across Canada. The proceeds from the plane pull will go towards building ORBIS Kids Sight Centres in underdeveloped countries. Each year almost half a million children go blind. That's approximately one child every minute.

For more photos for this event check gallery below:-

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